US Ny’Alotha Mythic Raid Boost


Buying this service you will get Nyalotha MYTHIC mode Lootrun.
You will get some ilvl 475-485 gear and up to 12 Mythic achievements.
You will also get an incredibly prestigious Cutting Edge: N’Zoth the Corruptor feat of strength (in case of a full 12/12 run). The Raid takes 2-6 hours.

This service is done in Selfplayed mode, boss tactics knowledge is required.



Raiders will trade you some gear for your class. Amount of the Guaranteed Loot depends on the amount of bosses you choose.
12/12 – (7+ items guaranteed);
12/12 – (7+ items guaranteed);
11/12 – (6+ items guaranteed);
9/12 – (5+ items guaranteed);
6/12 – (3+ items guaranteed);
3/12 – (2+ items guaranteed);
Boss sequence: 1) Wrathion, 2) Skitra, 3) Maut, 4) Xanesh, 5) Shad’har, 6) Hivemind, 7) Vexiona, 8) Ra-den, 9) Drest’agath, 10) Il’gynoth, 11) Carapace, 12) N’zoth.

Click this link if you only need the Mythic Mount – Nyalotha Allseer.

You can always get more than the guaranteed amount of items if you’re lucky, drop is random. Bonus roll items and items that do not upgrade count towards the guarantee. If you don’t get the guaranteed number of items during the first raid, you will be invited next time to get a GUARANTEE. You must understand and accept that the raiders will not be able to trade you some items due to game mechanics restrictions.

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12/12 bosses


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